Fork beta 1

Fork b1 (inline asides) - 900px

What’s black and white and red all over? You guessed it, Fork for K2. And what is a K2 you ask? Other than the oft-neglected peak situated beside Everest? If you’re familiar with WordPress, K2 is the successor to Kubrick, the popular default theme. It aims to be a bit more than a standard theme, with out of the box support for a number of plugins and a slew of built-in options. You can download the latest K2 beta via Binary Bonsai.

Lots of people are running K2, it’s a decent option if you don’t want to get into the php/css guts of a WordPress theme. That said, the stock look might be getting you down. That’s where Fork comes in. You should be able to drop it into a default K2 install, enable it via the options panel and have a dirty greyscale theme without any real work. It should also offer a little bit of insight into the theme’s visual customization.

There’s still a bunch of work to be done, but I’ve been holding off because K2 is still in the beta phase. Guess, that’s a good reason to go with a style that works with the stock latout. I decided to lay it on the general public anyway, going with the release early, release often philosophy.

You can drop support/feedback questions in this post, but I may not respond — I’m trying to limit my WordPress support to the eightface forums on flickr (at some point it will go local). I’ve still messing around with the theme in the sandbox but there’s no guarantees that it’ll still be in a few weeks.