Say hello to my little friend


This is Domino, our new cat. She’s seen here showing an affinity for boxes — emerging from a hiding place she’d been keen to get out of hours earlier. This is probably the first of many inevitable cat photos.

We picked Domino (formerly known as Sugar) up yesterday afternoon from a pet store downtown that was fronting for the Humane Society — which was nice because we didn’t have to drive out there. She’s about a year old; a recent mother (now debabymakered), with all her shots.

We’d talked about picking up another cat for a little while. Partially because Chairman Mao (the other cat) seems to be a lot friendlier when she has to compete for affection with another animal. That and we’ll have two cats to harass now.

Domino’s mostly black, with a few shocks of white here and there. Still skinny and kittenish, very active and takes great delight in tormenting Mao by positioning herself between Mao and obvious escape routes. They’re getting along ok, a little bit of hissing but no major scraps. After a slow start, Mao is finally starting to assert some control over her territory (vis-a-vis: don’t touch my bed).

The photo is the first one I’ve posted from my Digital Rebel XT. Not because I haven’t taken many, it’s mostly because I haven’t figured out my camera to flickr workflow yet. That and the downtown Kingston in the winter photos aren’t particularly exciting.