All you people are vampires

Hello gorgeous...

No posts for a week and it appears the universe has not ground to a crashing halt. I fear my gravitation isn’t what is used to be. Am I no longer the center of existence? Hey, I’ve been working on some other projects, time for a quick run down. I’ll hit up the web project list first, covering Seal Club, flickrRSS updates and eightface notes, then it’ll procede into personal territory, mostly covering cleaning and vinyl.

Seal Club Updates

There’s been a minor redesign around Seal Club, so go check it. The impetus would be a decreased reliance on, the introduction of the blog and mailbag. The mailbag hasn’t been finished off, mostly due to a lack of mail. If you want your letter to appear in the first round, drop us a line and will rip your apart in public. The mission of the weblog isn’t clear at this point — it will mostly be used for site updates and as a platform to openly mock pillars of the design community.

flickrRSS 3.0.1

Imaging caching works! Parameter configuration works! Download it now.

This is another thing that I’ve been sitting on for awhile, thought there was another bug to fix but it was a configuration issue on my part. In the rash of code rearrangements and renaming, I managed to break both the image caching and the ability to change the stream type when using parameters.

Everything eightface

I’d been putting off a number of changes to the site until WordPress 2.0.1 came out. It has arrived, I have upgraded and everything went much smoother than expected. It would also be the reason most of the posts reappeared in the RSS stream.

So, what’s to come? Who knows? I don’t. Mostly, it’ll involve come plugin or php mojo to get things like recent posts, recent comment and the number of e’s in the database, displaying in useful places. A number of sections need some work, yada yada, it will come soon.

Breakfast in America

The record player is hooked up again, whoo. Reworking the office room has been one of my ongoing projects over the last week, now it has a better setup and more open feel. It also means I have Alanah’s laser printer hooked up to my desktop machine now, yea superfluous waste of paper.

On the record player front, we didn’t have the surface space to leave it setup before. What’s the big deal? Not much, I’m not a huge audiophile, but there’s some stuff I have on vinyl that’s not on my computer. The collection isn’t huge, but there’s the standard slew of Bowie, Dylan, Paul Simon, and The Beatles and The Who. There’s also the stuff like Boston, Quiet Riot and Supertramp. It might explain a lack of activity on

From a fair-use perspective, it’s a good deal because you can pop over to a record-store, grab old used albums for a dollar or two and you’re legally entitled to those digital copies (if they exist).


You’ve made it this far, I commend you. So, here’s a little taste of what’s to come. I picked up a panoramic map of New York City from the 1950’s that will be scanned, stiched together and posted, it’s pretty cool. On the wallpaper front, it’s been a few months since the last eightface masterpiece, expect another one soon. Photos, oh photos. Many have been taken, but few have been posted to flickr.