Stop thinking, just post

You never really know who’s reading your site at any given moment, it tends to have a large affect on what you post, when you do it and where you put it. Justin does a good job covering my sentiments in his recent post on being more anecdotal and immediate, go read that and come back. Although, it’s safe to say that sometimes I just get lazy.

Now that all of that is on the table, I’m going to make a conscious effort to push it over the edge and onto the floor. I’m going to post as I write and write as I feel.

Well, maybe. Those are Justin’s words, not mine. There’s also Derek’s point about client’s reading your blog, but that’s not a huge worry for me at the moment. So, we’ll hope to see more frequent posts from yours truly. In a somewhat related note, I’ve been making more use of my account, so you might want to add eightface to your inbox.