The Tool Pack

Tool Screenshot

The time has come for another pack release (grab the last one if you missed it). And what are these packs exactly? For the most part, they’re a bunch of photoshop templates and a semi-functional WordPress theme. It won’t work out of the box — I call it a learning experience, you might call it lazy.

The Goods

This theme was featured on CSS Import, and people seemed to like it. I liked the graphics but had issues with the structure and bailed on it after a month.

Download the Tool Pack 2.2mb


I set the backgrounds up oddly, the movement is kind of weird at times. It always bothered me.

The sidebar on the main page is setup to use my asides category, you’ll need to change that number. There are also a number of function calls for plugins that will make it fail.

Both the stylesheet and the screenshot portray the layout with “Lucida Grande” as the body font, that wasn’t always the case. It was originally designed for Arial, and I kind of liked it better that way. I was experimenting towards the end, to each his own.

The Fine Print

Just so we’re clear… there is no support for this package, take it or leave it. There is also no license per se, but that doesn’t mean you can use it for anything. I haven’t made any money off the pack, it wouldn’t be fair if you did. Use it for your personal sites… if you need something professionally, you can do better. The forum might offer some help.