Typography Department Namedrop

I’m currently knee-deep in the latest project at school — designing a complete system for a line of paperbacks, hardcover books and a magazine (including the covers, interior type treatment, etc, etc). On that note, Arctic Paper is amazing; they delivered dummies and sample paper inside of 48 hours.

These days, it feels like the typography department is my second home. Here’s a quick run-down of the other people at school with an online presence, most of them are in type design:

Tim Ahrens
David Březina
Gerben Dollen
Nicole Dotin
Marvin Harder
Rob Keller
Jasso Lamberg
Ian Moore
Dan Rhatigan
Alice Savoie
Fernando Vargas

If I’ve left anyone out, drop me a line or punch me in the hallway. And now I should stop procrastinating.