Off to Italy for a week

I’m off to the continent for a week, so there won’t be any posts for the next week or so (not that anyone would notice). I intended to a better job posting this month, but ended up bogged down with school-work. There were many a long night spent in the department during the last few weeks. The project was a lot of fun though — working with John Morgan, designing a hypothetical book series. We spent a day in London with Derek Birdsall, having an extended lunch with altogether too much wine. That project was topped off with a three-thousand word paper for an experiment that we had to design.

The trip to Italy is offered through the typography department. Technically, it’s an undergrad course, although it’s predominantly post-grad these days. Upon my return, there will be many nerdy typography related photos, and many of the more general variety. I will attempt to post some updates via my twitter account, provided my phone functions properly. See you on the other side.