My media consumption in 2007

2007 A Year in Lists

After reading Nicholas Felton’s annual report last year, I decided to keep track of a few things myself. We already saw the list of visited cities pop-up, now it’s time for more. So, without further ado, I present: 2007 A Year in Lists.

I kept track of a number of different things, but decided to limit this presentation to my mass media consumption (minus television). My book list doesn’t include non-fiction, because most of my readings were for school and I might not have necessarily read the whole book. My movie viewing took a slight hit during my travels in October and November, but I still managed to view a decent number over the year.

It was quickly approaching that point in the new year, where you can no longer post recaps, etc. from the previous year, so it needed to get out the door. The lists comprise 16 books, 52 movies and my 15 top artists for the year.