Feeling old at a gig

Two Door Cinema Club and Tokyo Police Club in concert

On Sunday night, I went to see Two Door Cinema Club and Tokyo Police Club play a gig at Club Soda. Yeah, there’s a promoter somewhere who’s far too impressed with getting so many “clubs” on to one poster. I thoroughly enjoyed Two Door Cinema Club, they were much better live than on their album (it’s a tad over-produced). Tokyo Police Club was up and down, the songs off A Lesson in Crime rocked, but the rest of the set was blah and the banter with the crowd was a nonstarter.

The highlight of the show was the encore — the two bands joined forces on stage to belt out The Strokes’ Last Night. The song was uptempo and high energy, it was awesome. Part of the way through, I stopped rockin’ out to take a look around. I was surrounded by people in their late-teens or early twenties. The kids were not alright. The lack of energy in the crowd made me realize that most were probably nine or ten years old when the song came out. It made me feel old. So, I slunk off to consume some prune juice and donepezil.