A post every day in 2022?

I get lazy with my personal sites. A side-effect of working on the web most days. There’s a strong desire to disconnect.

But… I also open a lot of tabs.

In the past these tabs would’ve been blog posts. Things I found interesting or needed, or wanted to find later. Now, I just close out groups of tabs and briefly remember what I was researching.

Content aside, there’s also the design and code side of the site. It’s time to revisit.

Maybe a post a day is a lofty goal and I’ll fail tomorrow, but it’s some motivation.

Been awhile…

Hallllo again!

I make websites for a living. When I spend a lot of time in that world, I tend to forget that my personal sites exist. I just want to separate my brain from the web at the end of day. Now, here we are.

The plus side to a personal site, I can totally backdate things. Or retroactively add things from other networks.

If you’re still here, glad that you’re listening!

Design Canada ?

design canada title card

Design Canada is a documentary film celebrating the golden era of Canadian design. View the trailer.

I attended the Montreal screening of the film last week and definitely learned a few things. My design history knowledge skews heavily towards Britain and Europe, so it was pretty awesome to see Canadian efforts in the spotlight. I grew up during the period when much of this work was being scrapped in favour of the new, so I never really appreciated some of the systems that we had in place.

The film is showing around the country over the next month, including several more screenings at Cinema du Parc in Montreal. It will be released digitally in the fall.

Thanks to the film’s director, Greg Durrell, for providing me with the film’s title card for this post.

Lots of Fun With Finnegan’s Wake

Peter O’Brien is currently illustrating the 628 pages of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. Here’s a page from an article in the Globe and Mail:

Joyce used grist for Finnegans Wake from wherever he found it: the Bible, drinking songs, the morning paper. I likewise use images from various sources. These two trees are side-by-side at the cottage of a friend, and I thought they would be appropriate on a page where Joyce invokes Lucien Lévy-Bruhl and his work in the growing fields of sociology and ethnology.

Visit Peter’s site for more sample pages and links to other articles about the project, Lots of Fun With Finnegan’s Wake. He hopes to be finished by 2022.