Hockney’s iPad art

David Hockney is showing his iPad artwork at an exhibition in Paris. He’s not adverse to using technology to create art, but found that computers were too slow.

It has given him a new way of sharing his creations. Fleurs Fraiches has its origins in smaller drawings that Hockney made on his iPhone and then e-mailed to friends. After a short while he’d produced hundreds of drawings, loving them for their immediacy, and for the instant responses and critiques from those who received them.

“You can make a drawing of the sunrise at 6am and send it out to people by 7am.”

Yup, the iPad is only for consumption of media, you can’t use it to produce content.

The Alice 100

The Alice 100 collection at UBC contains hundreds of editions of the Alice in Wonderland, as parodies, film productions, stills and other works by Caroll. This article discusses the collection, and the variety of artwork that it has inspired over the years.

In other Alice related news, the British Library has made the first edition of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground available in its entirety, and there’s a version of Alice for the iPad.