flickrRSS 4.0

flickrRSS 4.0 Settings Panel

There’s a new version of flickrRSS available for download now. In short, the interface has been updated for WordPress 2.5 and you can display set and favourite feeds.

A longer list of the changes that have been made. If you’re really interested, you can check out the exact changes via trac.

  • Revamped interface for WordPress 2.5
  • Support for sets and favourites (RSS limits to last 20 items)
  • Added set_id to arguments list (in 8th position)
  • Added place for code before and after images in the widget
  • Changed $userid to $id_number to reflect ability to use group ids
  • Naming consistency in source
  • Settings panel now uses one button to save instead of two
  • Brought back html readme, easier on the eyes
  • Tested to make sure it works with video

I also released flickrRSS 3.5 for older versions of WordPress, it just adds support for sets and favourites. One caveat, it hasn’t been thoroughly tested. If you’re having any problems with either version drop a note in the forum.