I went to bed fairly

I went to bed fairly late last night / early this morning. I was hanging out with people from the paper, had a good night overall, lots of fun. We started playing Contra on the original nintendo system, we finished it. It’s a really easy game to beat, I remember finishing it as a kid. I still enjoy playing it at any rate. Staying up late made me sleep until mid-afternoon, which doesn’t really matter that much if the weather outside is shitty.

Whipped off a new layout

Whipped off a new layout this evening after my math test. It’s nothing special, I just needed a change. I don’t really know how long it will last, perhaps a few months due to the approaching exam season, maybe a few days.

Assignments here, quizzes there, lots

Assignments here, quizzes there, lots of work everywhere. Bad openings too. Last week is done, no assignments to do this week, although a couple to start. There’s a test tomorrow night that shouldn’t be too bad. It’s the part of calculus I like, actually doing math equations, rather than analyzing graphs and describing functions and whatnot. I deffinitely like the equation aspect of math much more.

There has been various job interviews interspersed with the work, no luck yet. I have to get out and get more resume’s in, I need a job for the summer.

Haven’t written much in the

Haven’t written much in the last few days. I go through writing phases of some sort, sometimes I like to write a lot, other times I just forget about it all together. It looks like it’s going to be another hellish week, three assignments and a quiz. I half of my algebra assignment done at the moment and a decent chunk of my computer assignment finished. That leaves economics and my calc quiz. There’s a possibility of getting the quiz out of the way tomorrow tuesday night instead of wednesday, but it would involve me studying tuesday afternoon. That way, I could go to the golden words masthead meeting. I had an interview on the weekend and I was made one of the new webmonkies for the paper, the guys in charge of the online version.

Lots of school. I had a job interview on friday that I think went pretty well. I have another one tuesday aft. It looks like there’s a decent chance of me sticking around here this summer. Time to finish off a bit of work and get to bed.

Just enjoying a little bit

Just enjoying a little bit of somewhat free-time. I’ve trying to get some work done now, so next week won’t seem quite as hellish. Our algebra midterms were handed back this morning, I did quite well, although I made a couple stupid little mistakes.

Not really a whole lot

Not really a whole lot going on, just enjoying having no assignments due this week. Managed to get laundry done, dishes cleaned, room cleaned up and a bit of work done to boot tonite. Pretty effective evening I must say. Conform will be updated shortly, I have another image to go up. Received a call today regarding a job application i put in a week or two ago, it will probably take place later on this week. I’m also going to be doing a little bit more freelance webdesign, just a little page for someone.

I’ve seen a couple movies recently, finding forrester and gods and monsters. Finding forrester was essentially good will hunting with an english prodigy instead of a math prodigy, sean connery instead of robin williams and a poor black kid instead of a poor white kid. It was still a pretty good movie though, I enjoyed watching it. It expresses some similar views that I have about a lot of the bullshit that tends to permeate the world of analyzing english literature, sometimes you just have to enjoy what was written and not destroy your impression of it by picking it apart. Gods and monsters was pretty good too, Ian McKellen does a great job acting as usual, and Brendan Fraser’s role in the movie was surprisingly well done compared to a lot of the people he tends to portray in movies.