I moved everything back up

I moved everything back up to kingston yesterday. At this point it’s kind of weird to be in between work and school. I spend a decent chunk of time like this around may, but it seems forign to me right now. I don’t have any real obligations, like trying to find a job, working or school work. I have some websites to do, but they tend to be fairly flexible. Beyond this, I’m at a loss for words right now.

My brother rented Enemy at

My brother rented Enemy at the Gates last night, so i decided to watch it at some point during the wee hours of the morning. I read the numbers 131 off the back and took it as meaning 1 hour and 31 minutes, not 131 minutes. I ended up being awake longer than i intended. It was a pretty good movie, not my favourite war movie of all time, but deffinitely better than some i’ve seen.

New update to conform, it’s

New update to conform, it’s been a week or so. Had a couple problems getting this one done, oh well. Just had one guy who decided not to respond to his email for a few days, so he didn’t end up doing the image, i passed it on to someone else.

If you want to hear

If you want to hear some weird sounds, take a cell phone and call a cell phone in car that has a speaker setup. You’ll get some hendrix-ish feedback to it.

Kraftwork has some cool stuff

Kraftwork has some cool stuff happening on their website. It’s one of those art kind of things that doesn’t tell you how to get around. I liked pocket calculator and music non stop.

Wil Wheaton has a website now, he played wesley crusher on star trek: tng. I’m sure it’s propably been mentioned on a dozen weblogs in the last day or two. I thought it was relevant because i was a big star trek fan when I was younger and his website is pretty impressive in terms of him actually taking the time to learn things like php and grey matter. I’d love to play around with grey matter, but I cgi isn’t part of my hosting plan right now, i’d have to upgrade.

In a unrelated note, the contact lens solution that i use now comes in this trippy new bottle. The press release is here but allergan doesn’t seem to like external linking to articles, it wants to display them inside frames.