Only a few days of

Only a few days of work left, after which i’ll be heading back to school. Looking back, I don’t really know where all the time went.

There is some interesting work going to thse days involving the blogger api; instant messaging, stand alone blogging clients, wap blogging. Some of the discussion led me to metacard, a cross-platform high level programming language. I’ve been playing around with it a little bit today, it would probably make a good learning language because it’s similar to english.

And then there was this

And then there was this guy, who was sitting at the school board thinking to himself “It would be pretty funny if I didn’t pay this dave kellam character for two weeks of work, so he has to dick around on monday morning trying to figure why he didn’t get paid”.

I watched Coyote Ugly last

I watched Coyote Ugly last night. It was defintely aimed at the group of teenage girls that likes hanging out at the mall and buying backstreet boys cd’s. I almost felt dumber after watching it. I should have listened to the people who said don’t watch it, but there wasn’t anything else laying around that we hadn’t seen. Thank god we didn’t pay actual money for it.

Most likely, there won’t be

Most likely, there won’t be any updates over the weekend (well Saturday anyway), I have to head up to kingston.

There’s a new conform image up, this one’s by tom. Kind of a boring day today, I spent a good chunk of my time creating a visual manual for the kids. It was really at the request of one of the parents, so her daughters (and herself) would have something tactile to use as a guide in the future. I also figured it would be handy to give to my boss.

Over the last couple days, I’ve watched higher learning, mercury rising and tomcats. Higher Learning is a good movie, the other two aren’t. Tomcats has some funny moments, but for the most parts it’s a predictable sex comedy.

I’ve started some work on

I’ve started some work on a new layout, so there will be a new look around here in awhile. Summer’s starting to come to a close for me, a couple more weeks and i’ll be back to school. I have one more week of work left, then I’ll probably head back up to kingston.

As far as work goes, the group of kids we have this week is really inexperienced (ie six out of nine didn’t know how to turn on the computer). A little problem: how do you explain the concept of saving something to someone who hasn’t used a computer before?
Me: “If you don’t save it, it will disappear.”

Kid: “Why? It’s right there”, pointing at monitor.

Me: “It’s not like using a pencil and paper, if you don’t save what you’ve made, it will disappear.”

Kid: “Uhh… why?”

… and so on. A good analogy is a tv and vcr, the images on tv will dissapear when you turn it off unless you use a vcr. Now, there might be a problem if they haven’t used a tv or vcr before.

I don’t really know what

I don’t really know what to write about anymore. I have a bunch of projects to get working on, namely two websites for different campus publications, a redesign of a small website, as well as some other things already underway. There’s conform which i’m been running for awhile (and getting a bit of flack over for posting an image with porn in it) and a project involving the guys i’m living with next year. Yah, I don’t censor the conform stuff, well for the most part, I’m not going to post hate propaganda. I didn’t get any complaints over two of nik’s images involving being pissed off at the design community and abortion. Some of the anger wasn’t so much directed at using a pornographic image but rather the idea that it was only used for shock value and didn’t work with the rest of the image. It’s debatable, as is most everything in art.

I think I might just be bored with the site, perhaps it’s time for another reworking.