I was playing around with

I was playing around with some settings on my computer earlier today, group policy stuff. Never actually made any real changes though. I also decided to procrastinate by rearranging my bookmarks. I rebooted the computer tonite and it decided to be funny and delete 90% of my bookmarks. I guess they’re actually favourites and not bookmarks. I can’t really see any pattern in the ones that were deleted and the ones that weren’t. Oh well, more procrastination trying to repopulate them.

In an unrealted note, i think i may have been infected with some derivative of the nimda virus early in the morning while i was in bed. Outlook was open and checking every five minutes, with the preview pane open. There was an executable or some script embedded inside the html of a junk email. It executed and sent a bunch of people an email from me. If you received some of my gibberish, i apologize. Beyond that, I can’t really find any traces of it ever being on my system. I’ve done at least five scans today with updated virus definition files and they all came up clean. Not the easiest one to figure out.

The hellish month is almost

The hellish month is almost over. It’s been pretty pathetic in terms of keeping this site updated, but I have managed to finish all the school work I needed to get finished. A midterm tomorrow and a test wednesday and then I should be free for a little while.

On friday night I got crested by golden words. It’s basically an initiation after you’ve shown a significant contribution to the paper. The end result is a crest to sew onto my jacket. It was fun, albeit tiring. Basically, a bunch of running around doing bizarre scavenger hunts and getting dirty. After the midterms this week, I hope to maybe get a redesign down, get conform started up again, a project started up with my housemates, as well as anything else I deem necessary. In the time being, I must get back to my studying of computer architecture.

It’s coming to and end.

It’s coming to and end. One essay, one midterm done. Assignment and optional report, almost done. A test and a midterm next week and then I should have a little break before more things are due. Well, maybe a week without any school work that I’m required to have marked. Maybe a chance to redesign. Or maybe time to do some graphics or a font or something. Who knows.

I’m in the early stages

I’m in the early stages of writing an essay, the first one i’ve had to do in a couple years. I’ve chosen a topic based on the heart of darkness. Maybe I’ll post it when I’ve finished, maybe I won’t. It depends whether or not I actually like what I’ve written. Beyond that, there’s a statistics midterm and a programming assignment due this week. I have to teach myself how to write using assembler code. It’s a bit different if you’re used to programming in higher level languages.

Check out the last couple days of boondocks, starting with the strip from the 17th. Aaron McGruder has balls made of solid platinum to write stuff like that these days. I think the last couple strips are hilarious, a great statement regarding some of the excessive american flag waving that’s going on. So far, the editorial policy of the paper I write for has been strictly hands off. No anthrax jokes, no terroists jokes. It’s really a shame, one of the ways humanity copes with disaster is through humour. If people become oversaturated with patriotic images, they’ll start to lose the original meaning. The same way that people have become desensitized towards violence on television, they will become less aware of what their country’s core symbols represent.

Here’s a list of the

Here’s a list of the first 100 fibonacci numbers. Why would you want to know these? It’s hard to say. There’s also this page with a lot of links to various mathematical things involving factorization and finding really large prime numbers.

I windows xp, if you

I windows xp, if you put a picture called folder.jpg inside a folder, it will use it for the thumbnail view of that folder. It’s good to display the album cover of various cds that you’ve put on the harddrive. It’s also a good way to waste time when you should be studying.

Every street is dark And

Every street is dark
And folding out mysteriously
Where lies the chance we take to be
Always working
Reaching out for a hand that we
can’t see
Everybody’s got a hold on hope
It’s the last thing that’s holding me

– Hold on Hope (Guided by Voices)

It’s a damn good song, actually the album it came from is great. The next couple of weeks are going to be a whole shitload of work; midterms, tests, essays and assignments.
My birthday was a week ago and was pretty uneventful. Now, I’m 20 years old. I feel no change but the number has a very different ring to it.

Just took it easy last

Just took it easy last night, watched a movie with dave, shawn, andrew and eilis. We watched Waydowntown on dave’s recommendation, it was a damn good movie. We started watching Leningrad Cowboys Go America, but shawn and eilis didn’t really find it as funny as the rest of us. It’s extremely dry, you have to like that type of humour.

I saw Hayden play at one of the local pubs the other night with dave. It took us awhile to get in, but I have to admit it was worth it. The show was good, nice atmosphere, good music. I picked up Hayden’s new cd, it comes out in about a month. The one he was selling was a limited edition one that’s packaged a little bit different from the one that’s being released to store’s. You can grab one of his songs at hardwood records.

A shower and a shave

A shower and a shave always makes you feel good. A lot of the time I’m just too damn lazy to bother shaving. I have a computer architecture class shortly, my last class of the day and the week. It tends to be fairly boring because the professor reads verbatim off the powerpoint slides. Oh well.

Right now our phone is down. I’m nor sure if it’s because we didn’t get the bill paid on time or they’re doing line work. The bill got buried, I thought I had paid it. There’s a couple of phone company trucks accross the street doing a bunch of work. I really have no idea. It’s no like I can call the phone company from here and find out what’s going on. I’ll give them a shout after class.

Apparently, my phone number is

Apparently, my phone number is copyrighted. So every time that someone calls me, they’re in violation of international copyright law. It’s kind of screwy, they did it to teach major corporations a lesson. Actually, it’s no so much the telephone number itself that’s copyrighted, but the tone required to dial the number.