Movies and Such

It was a scheduled day off today, it wasn’t really all that eventful; relaxing though. I decided to start watching Sneakers around three in the morning yesterday. I thought it was pretty well done, it still holds up as a ‘hacker’ movie years later. I think in part due to the all-star cast: Redford, Poiter, Kingsley et al. It’s worth checking out.

This evening involved watching The Seventh Seal. It’s rated up there as one of the greatest films of all time; many people being aware of the chess match with death. I liked it and will probably have to watch it again to offer more opinion. There’s some dark comedy elements to it, a form of humour that I always tend to enjoy. There are many philosophic underpinnings, mainly relating to the nature of God/Satan, death and so forth. It’s pretty wild. I watched the criterion disk and have to say that they did an amazing job restoring the film.

Almost forgot, I also flipped between and The World According to Garp on television this aft. Kind of watching which ever one interested me at the time and doing some dishes. I’ll say my preference leaned in the direction of Garp, but I kept flipping back for the action sequences in Robin Hood.

Holy Shit, It’s The Return

My new computer finally arrived a day or two ago. I decided to go with a Powermac G4 933 instead of a pc. Reasoning based on my growing hatred for the piss-poor design of windows and observing most of my computer science professors walking around with ibooks and powerbooks. I figure they probably have a pretty good idea what’s going on. I’ve spent the last day or two getting comfortable with the system. I can say that it’s pretty intuitive and that anyone who says, “There’s no software available for macs” is a bloody liar. There’s lots of well designed software out there (due to the fewer number of users, it’s not as easy to come by pirated software), for windows there are reams and reams of shitty programs that you can download. Yea!

Life without a computer on the desk? That’s reading books and watching movies, going out and doing things. Last weekend I went to Toronto to catch Guided By Voices in concert. They played on friday and saturday night, I went to both shows. Both shows were amazing, that’s about the only way I can put it. The intenisty of the band and the crowd was unbelievable, even more so the second night (it was impressive that they could top the first show). It rocked hard and I think I’m going to have to start looking for bootlegs of the show that someone hopefully recorded.

So, it’s the return and thus the reader can probably expect a semi-regular updates once again. The design will probably be left alone for awhile, at least until I get copies of photoshop and dreamweaver. Peace, that’s all there is for the moment.

Out of the Blue

I’ve been surviving without the computer for awhile now. I’ve been working a lot, so it hasn’t been too bad. The one drawback has been my lack of knowledge concerning current events; i realize that when i want to know something, i always turn to the internet. Who directed that movie? IMDb. I need info on blah. Google. And so on.

Labatt’s is offering free long distance in hopes that you’ll use the money on beer instead. I might do just that, I’ll have to check it out.


Time for some forced hiatus from computers and the internet. My computer has done a real number on itself, some sort of bizarre cry for attention. It probably thought that I had been neglecting it. At least of one of my harddrives is completely screwed, the other one most likely so, some of the other components may be in rough shape. I’m not entirely sure what the cause was, perhaps me forgetting to clock things back down a bit for the hot summer months. Oh well, it just means that I had to step up my plans to get a mac. It’s been on the burner for awhile, and has now become reality.

So my posts might become more erratic and less frequent than they already are. I’ll be checking in on the internet every once in awhile for the next week or so while I wait for the new computer to arrive. Peace.