The Pianist

Back in Brockville for a few days over this reading week break, nothing too exciting going on. Before I left the other night, I watched The Pianist, one of the films up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I thought it was a really good movie, a little bit long but it’s to be expected from the type of movie. There are similarities and comparison that can be made to Schindler’s List, I think I liked this one better (although I guess it could also be compared to Life is Beautiful, another good one). Black and white is nice and artistic but I find that the visual part of my brain likes looking at colour. The Pianist has that. It also comes from the perspective of one man, rather than a more sweeping look at was going on. And the dark comedy elements, the things you think probably shouldn’t be laughed at, but do anyway because that’s what it was intended for. Adrien Brody did an excellent job as the lead character and is deserved of his Oscar nom.