Stop thinking, just post

You never really know who’s reading your site at any given moment, it tends to have a large affect on what you post, when you do it and where you put it. Justin does a good job covering my sentiments in his recent post on being more anecdotal and immediate, go read that and come back. Although, it’s safe to say that sometimes I just get lazy.

Now that all of that is on the table, I’m going to make a conscious effort to push it over the edge and onto the floor. I’m going to post as I write and write as I feel.

Well, maybe. Those are Justin’s words, not mine. There’s also Derek’s point about client’s reading your blog, but that’s not a huge worry for me at the moment. So, we’ll hope to see more frequent posts from yours truly. In a somewhat related note, I’ve been making more use of my account, so you might want to add eightface to your inbox.

All you people are vampires

Hello gorgeous...

No posts for a week and it appears the universe has not ground to a crashing halt. I fear my gravitation isn’t what is used to be. Am I no longer the center of existence? Hey, I’ve been working on some other projects, time for a quick run down. I’ll hit up the web project list first, covering Seal Club, flickrRSS updates and eightface notes, then it’ll procede into personal territory, mostly covering cleaning and vinyl.

Seal Club Updates

There’s been a minor redesign around Seal Club, so go check it. The impetus would be a decreased reliance on, the introduction of the blog and mailbag. The mailbag hasn’t been finished off, mostly due to a lack of mail. If you want your letter to appear in the first round, drop us a line and will rip your apart in public. The mission of the weblog isn’t clear at this point — it will mostly be used for site updates and as a platform to openly mock pillars of the design community.